Chris Hani’s killer must rot in jail

The People’s Revolutionary Movement (PRM) believe the Administration of the Correctional Service of the fifth parliament is as guilty as Chris Hani’s Killers.

Why did they allow and recommend the application for parole of Janusz Walus in the first place?

Walus is a criminal and the judgement was made against him for life in jail. Why does the Correctional Service and the Courts change that decision?

President Jacob Zuma must talk this time around. He promised that he would talk one day. Many days have passed, talk Zuma.

We hate what the African National Congress (ANC) says that Walus has to be deported. Why? Whose money shall be used to deport him? Why is the ANC not interested in helping Hani’s family to appeal against the release of Walus?

Issued by PRM President, Nhlanhla Buthelezi.

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