You aren’t free until you stop laughing at people who can’t speak fluent English – DJ Bongz

My name is Bongani Dlamini – aka DJ BONGZ. I was born and raised elok’shini lakwa Ndengezi, in Durban.

I’m a product of South Africa and I love my Country and its people.

Today I want to shed some light on all South Africans but mostly the African child who’s been a victim of an unjust society.

Monday night, I released one of the biggest campaigns in SA – the infamous #Gwaragwara caps… Everything that happened afterwards was all according to plan. I knew that a scandal would attract much hype.

It’s not your fault that you don’t see value in your OWN people, brands and yourselves. It’s a result of centuries of indoctrination that as a black child you should train yourself to be a good servant. Now that physical slavery has been abolished but MENTAL SLAVERY TOOK OVER.

South Africa I’m not the enemy. Our brothers from Africa are not the enemy. Your fellow black South Africans are not the enemy.

Our minds have been programmed that you have to be white to pursue big dreams or achieve amazing things. Well, I’m tired of all that. I’m going to pursue all the dreams I have now because I’ve tasted success and I’ve seen that it’s possible to achieve in the new South Africa.

The media continues today to be an instrumental tool in the sustenance of white supremacy. This has been achieved by white people taking away your resources, your land, giving you an image of a White God to pray to, to make you believe that you are inferior, you are not beautiful, associating anything ‘BLACK’ with evil and negativity thus making us believe that all superheroes are white and thina, we should just sit back and watch them flourish in our own land.

Guys mina ngikhule kanzima elok’shini, I’ll never sell my people a Cap for R800. The caps will have different designs and makes, the cheapest range will cost from as little as R200 then kuzohluka nge-make and design. Ngeke kuthi kukhalwa, abantu bakithi behlupheka, mina ngizodlala ngabo. Mina ngiyalifela ikasi and I’m 100% behind black business and entrepreneurship.

I feel the pain of poverty in our Country. I feel the pain of unemployment and the inequality.

But I’m proud of myself and my team. Even Nando’s, Mango airline and other overseas brands used us to market themselves. We moved the world.

The whole idea centred around this campaign is: I want you to believe in your dreams wherever you are. I want you to be ruthless when you pursue them. I want to inspire you to never be afraid of standing in front of millions of people and saying “I’M DOPE AND I WANT TO DO THIS”. What have you got to lose? Don’t mind people who laugh at you for trying. Nawe bahleke ukuthi they are the bigger fools for ukuhleka umuntu ngokuzizamela. 

Our society lacks the understanding of a role model. A role model can be anyone. Anyone who manifests leadership skills, strives in morality, works hard, sets a good example and achieves success without compromising others – for me that’s a role model.

Next time you see DJ Sbu Online selling his MoFaya (energy drink) don’t laugh and try to bring him down. If you can’t support him just shut up and let the guy do his thing. I mean that is what freedom is all about.

Next time you see Cassper Nyovest saying he should be treated like Beyoncè IN HIS OWN COUNTRY, don’t post hateful stuff. Yini e-wrong lapho? The boy is a young King – kumele simunakekele la ekhaya. Where else should he be idolised for his work?! IF YOU CAN’T SUPPORT A HUSTLER THAT’S FINE BUT DON’T STAND IN THEIR WAY!

We, people need to dig deeper in our souls and understand what love truly means. Elok’shini we praise murders and sichomelana ngomsangano. But from all that the white man laughs all the way to the bank.

Again I remind you, I AM YOUR BROTHER. I get broke; I get sad; I am human; I have the same problems that you have. Don’t push me down but help me get up nami I will do the same to any other fellow brother or sister.

Remember you are not free until the day you stop laughing at people who can’t speak fluent English. You are not free until you find value in black business and support black business.

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Bongani Dlamini – AKA DJ BONGZ

Image: DJ Bongz Facebook page



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