DRDLR is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote representivity
in DRDLR through the filling of posts. We reserve the right not to fill a position.
APPLICATIONS : Online applications can be submitted on
CLOSING DATE : 20 July 2018 at 16:00
NOTE : DRDLR has a dual applications system where applicants can apply online via the
e-Recruitment System or manually submit a Z83 obtainable from any Public
Service department that should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV
(previous experience must be comprehensively detailed) and certified (certification
must not be older than 12 months) copies of qualifications, service certificates (in
case of an OSD post), identification document and permanent residency/work
permit. Kindly note that technical support is available from Graylink, Monday to
Friday from 8:30 to 17.00 @ 021 424 8677 should you experience any difficulties
with your online application. Please ensure that you submit your application before
the closing date as no late applications will be considered. It would be appreciated
if you can only upload/attach those course certificates applicable to the post that
you apply for. Failure to submit the requested documents may result in your
application not being considered. If you manually apply for more than one post in
the DRDLR, please submit a separate manual application form for each post. All
applicants must be SA Citizens/Permanent Residents or Non-SA Citizens with a
valid work permit. Applicants will be expected to be available for selection
interviews and competency assessments at a time, date and place as determined
by DRDLR. The Department reserves the right to conduct pre-employment security
screening and appointment is subject to positive security clearance outcome.
Applicants must declare any/pending criminal, disciplinary or any other allegations
or investigations against them. Should this be uncovered post the interview the
application will not be considered for the post and in the unlikely event that the
person has been appointed such appointment will be terminated.


POST 27/27 : GISC TECHNOLOGIST (REF NO: 3/2/1/2018/232)
Chief Directorate: National Geospatial Information
SALARY : R344 271 per annum (Salary in accordance with the OSD for Engineers, post
registration relevant experience may be considered for a higher commencing
CENTRE : Western Cape (Mowbray)
REQUIREMENTS : B. degree (NQF 7) in Geospatial Information Science or Cartography. 3 years postqualification
in technical (GISc/cartography) experience. Compulsory registration
with SA Geomatics Council as a GISc Technologist. Job related knowledge:
Programme and project management; GISc operational communication; Mobile
equipment; Legal and operational compliance; Process knowledge and skills;
Maintenance skills and knowledge; Geo-Database design and analysis
knowledge; Creating high performance organizational culture; Technical
consulting; GISc design and analysis knowledge; Research and development;
Computer-aided survey applications; Geospatial analysis; Geospatial mapping;
Web-based services; Metadata and data quality. Job related skills: Strategic
capability and leadership; Problem solving and analysis; Decision making; Team
leadership; Creativity; Customer focus and responsiveness; Communication;
Computer literacy; People management; Planning and organizing; Conflict
management; Negotiation; Change management; Report writing; Literacy;
Understanding geo-spatial data and computer graphics environment;
Interpersonal relations; Time management; Supervisory; Analytical; Facilitation;
Resource planning; Team management; Ability to perform and apply quality control
checks; Ability to work in a high production environment. A valid driver’s license
(code 08).
DUTIES : Perform technical functions. Collect and capture of data from various formats and
sources. Design and implement a spatial database to store the required datasets.
Data manipulation and analysis including quality assurance. Creation and
maintenance of spatial data topology and attributes, format manipulation. Apply
geo-referencing, datum and projection transformations. Providing technical
support relating to software and data usage to geographic information system
(GISc) users. Verify spatial data and compile report as required. Design, develop
and create geo-databases, maps and other related project. Supervise capture and
publish metadata records. Promote and participate in stakeholder relations.
Maintain GISc unit effectiveness. Develop Geographical Information Science
(GISc) spatial information tools within organization process. Provide access to
Spatial Information and Geographic Information Services to all clients in the
Department. Train end users on skills regarding to GISc at all times. Ensure
interoperability between systems to maximize efficiency. Publish data into a web
based GISc system to provide Geographical Information through the internet.
Ensure easy access to spatial information at all times. Document GISc processes.
Render effective and efficient governance. Allocate, control, monitor and report on
all resources. Manage and implement knowledge sharing initiatives e.g. short-term
assignments and secondments within and across operations, in support of
individual development plans, operational requirements and return on investment.
Continuously monitor the exchange and protection of information between
operations and individuals to ensure effective knowledge management according
to departmental objectives. Undertake GIS Implementation. Undertake system
audit. Undertake requirements analysis. Undertake cost benefit analysis. Develop
process model and workflows diagram; Implement GIS standards. Draft Terms of
Reference for GIS projects. Undertake research. Research, investigate and advice
on new GIS technologies. Advise on research viability and feasibility. Recommend
and compile appropriate plan to respond to the research problem. Develop new
methods/technologies for solving spatial data problems. Research and implement
new GIS standards.
APPLICATIONS : Applications can also be submitted by post Private Bag X10, Mowbray, 7705 or
hand it delivered to: Van der Sterr Building, Room G39, Rhodes Avenue, Mowbray,
NOTE : African males and females and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Image: Pixabay

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