DRDLR is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote representivity
in DRDLR through the filling of posts. We reserve the right not to fill a position.
APPLICATIONS : Online applications can be submitted on Kindly note that
technical support is available from Graylink, Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17.00
@ 086 137 0202 should you experience any difficulties with your online application.
CLOSING DATE : 28 September 2018 at 16:00
NOTE : DRDLR has a dual applications system where applicants can apply online via the
e-Recruitment System or manually submit a Z83 obtainable from any Public
Service department that should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV
(previous experience must be comprehensively detailed) and certified (certification
must not be older than 12 months) copies of qualifications, service certificates (in
case of an OSD post), identification document and permanent residency/work
permit. Please ensure that you submit your application before the closing date as
no late applications will be considered. It would be appreciated if you can only
upload/attach those course certificates applicable to the post that you apply for.
Failure to submit the requested documents may result in your application not being
considered. If you manually apply for more than one post in the DRDLR, please
submit a separate manual application form for each post. All applicants must be
SA Citizens/Permanent Residents or Non-SA Citizens with a valid work permit.
Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and competency
assessments at a time, date and place as determined by DRDLR. The Department
reserves the right to conduct pre-employment security screening and appointment
is subject to positive security clearance outcome. Applicants must declare
any/pending criminal, disciplinary or any other allegations or investigations against
them. Should this be uncovered post the interview the application will not be
considered for the post and in the unlikely event that the person has been
appointed such appointment will be terminated.


Directorate: Operational Management
SALARY : R299 709 per annum (Level 08)
CENTRE : Eastern Cape (East London)
REQUIREMENTS : Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science or Development Studies or Humanities. 2 years’ experience in a related field. Job related knowledge: Development
management including strategic management; Research methods and
techniques; Community facilitation; Understanding and interpret business plan;
Land reform and development related issues; At least three local African
languages will be an added advantage. Job related skills: Project management;
Negotiating; Contract management; Leadership; Computer literacy;
Communication; Ability to draft terms of reference for service providers. A valid
driver’s licence. Willingness to travel, to spend extended period in the field and
work irregular hours.
DUTIES : Research, validate and verify the restitution claims to determine compliance with
Restitution Act. Prepare terms of reference for property valuation and prepare the
offer on the recommendations of the OVG. Ensure that restitution projects are
included in municipalities integrated development programmes and align priorities
and financial resources. Obtain verbal evidence regarding the background and
circumstances of removal and the land claim. Establish the validity of land claims.
Prepare and package S42D memorandum for presentation and approval at QCC.
Facilitate community meetings and mediate conflict. Liaise with stakeholders and
community. Facilitate community participation in projects and write reports for
submissions. Assess availability documents and decide what documents are still
needed. Find documents required for further research, including archival research.
Manage, monitor, implement and evaluate projects. Contribute towards the budget
of the team. Draw up detailed business plan. Complete the necessary
administrative tasks related to implementation of projects. Prepare negotiations
and settlement of land claims. Facilitate the appointment of valuers. Draft valuation
analysis. Prepare offers to be authorised by the RLCC. Prepare signed offers to
land owners and claimants. Draft S42D’s. Facilitate the signing of sale and
settlement agreement. Facilitate finalisation of settled land claims. Facilitate hand
over and transfer of land.
APPLICATIONS : Applications can also be submitted by post P.O.Box 1716, East London, 5201 or
hand it delivered to: Moors Street, Ocean Terrace, Block H Quigney 1st Floor, East
London, 5201.
NOTE : Coloured, Indian and White males and Indian and White females and Persons with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Image: Public Domain Pictures

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