The Department of Public Works is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. The intention is to
promote representativity in the Public Service through the filling of these posts and with persons whose
appointment will promote representativity, will receive preference.
APPLICATIONS : Head Office: The Director-General, Department of Public Works, Private Bag X65,
Pretoria 0001 or Central Government Offices Building, Corner of Vermeulen
(Madiba) and Bosman Streets, Pretoria. ATTENTION: Ms NP Mudau Pretoria
Regional: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, Private Bag x 229,
Pretoria, 0001 or Hand deliver to AVN Building corner Andries and Skinner Street,
Pretoria. For Attention: Ms M Masubelele. Johannesburg Regional: The
Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, Private Bag x3 Braamfontein,
2017 or hand deliver to No 78 Cnr De Beer and Korte, Braamfontein, 2017. For
Attention: Mr M Mudau Kimberley Regional: The Regional Manager, Department
of Public Works, Private Bag X5002, Kimberley, 8301 or Hand Deliver to 21-23
Market Square, Old Magistrate Building, Kimberley. For Attention: Ms N
CLOSING DATE : 23 November 2018 at 16h00
NOTE : An indication by candidates in this regard will facilitate the processing of
applications. If no suitable candidates from the unrepresented groups can be
recruited, candidates from the represented groups will be considered. People with
disabilities are encouraged to apply. Applications must be submitted on a signed
Form Z83, obtainable from any Public Service department and must be
accompanied by a comprehensive CV, recently certified copies of qualifications
and an Identification Document. Applications not complying with the above will be
disqualified. Should you not have heard from us within the next months, please
regard your application as unsuccessful. Note: It is the responsibility of all
applicants to ensure that foreign and other qualifications are evaluated by SAQA.
Recognition of prior learning will only be considered on submission of proof by
candidates. Kindly note that appointment will be subject to verification of
qualifications and a security clearance. Faxed, e-mailed or late applications will
NOT be accepted. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
: ERRATUM : Kindly be advised that the following positions advertised on Circular
No: 42 has been withdrawn: Construction Project Manager (14 posts) Ref No:
2018/113A-F, Control Works Manager (1 post) Ref No: 2018/120B Johannesburg
Regional Office, Chief Artisan (Grade A) (6 posts) Ref No: 2018/126A and
2018/126B, Senior Accounting Clerk: Batch Control Ref No: 2018/160 (2 posts),
Senior Foreman Horticulture Ref No: 2018/163, Security Officer: Security Services
Ref No: 2018/165 (4posts). All the positions have been re-advertised.


POSTS) Ref 2018/198
SALARY : R242, 475 per annum (24 MONTHS CONTRACT)
CENTRE : Head Office (Pretoria)
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification in Property Management, Asset Management or
equivalent qualification; Relevant experience in Assets Management and Property
management. Asset Management; Project Management; Commerce; Geographic
Information Systems; Information Technology; Property Management; Financial
Management. KNOWLEDGE: Structure and functioning of the Department;
Business functions and processes of the Department; GIAMA; Asset
Management; Public Finance Management Act; Treasury Regulations; Public
Service Act and Regulations. SKILLS: Communication Skills; Problem Solving;
Financial Management; Interpersonal Skills; Resource Management; Programme
and Project Management; Computer Literacy; Strategic planning; Influencing
skills; Time management; Negotiation skills; Policy formulation; Decision making
skills; Motivational skills; PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: Ability to handle confidential
information; Ability to work independently. Ability to work under pressure;
Willingness to travel; Drivers licence.
DUTIES : Conduct the physical verification of immovable assets; Administer the performance
of physical verification activities to provide status information around the existence
and condition of all Immovable Assets in the register; Monitor that all improvements
to state property are appropriately identified and recorded in the IAR (Immovable
Asset Register);Coordinate the surveying of state land parcels including SDF’s is
completed; Verify documents or information through Deeds Search with Deeds
Office, Surveyor-General, Lapsis (Housing Development Agency website) and
Municipalities; Confirming ownership of properties in ensuring that correct and
accurate property information is captured on IAR as well with the property that are
on Provincial IAR – reflected on Deeds web; Perform such other duties, appropriate
to the role, as may be required by the Assistant Director and / or Company from
time to time; IAR Physical Verification desktop planning; Maintain GIS databases,
and use GIS software to analyse the spatial and non-spatial information in them.
Digitizing building footprints, measuring building extent, and creating virtual sites
and merged properties on Quantum Geographic Information Systems (QGIS)
application for physical verification purpose. Entering various types of data into
GIS databases, such as text or spreadsheet files of latitude and longitude
coordinates, tabular data, aerial or satellite imagery, and manual digitizing of map
images; Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and monitoring of oracle mobile
server and synchronization issues. User administration and support, creating
cluster and allocation on the Quality Assurance (QA) system for fieldwork purpose.
Support Fieldworkers with physical verification queries and challenges with the
Mobile App and distribute properties for fieldwork purpose. Monitoring
GEOSERVER operations. Provide accurate fundamental geographic data and
metadata; Provide geographic support for the monitoring and evaluation
framework; Ensure spatial capturing of data; Analyse captured data to provide
sufficient management information; Thematic map making for the monitoring of
report; Provide survey report through the production of maps based on evaluation
of data; The facilitation and maintenance of the database using structured query
language (SQL); Extract and deploy Building, Site, Facility and components
reports on the database using SQL Script, required by the DD, and Director or the
unit (REIRS).Generate shape files and update the GIS database using Oracle Map
builder; Mapping and data loading; Optimise geographic technologies to produce
user driven products analysis and informatics.
ENQUIRIES : Mr S. Sokhela, Tel No: (012) 406 1143 / 2043


Image: Public Domain Pictures

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