The Department of Transport: GFMS Trading Entity is in the Eastern Cape is an equal opportunity, affirmative
action employer. As the Department is obliged to improve on its gender representative levels, people with
disabilities are especially invited to present their candidature. Employment Equity targets of the Department will
be adhered to.
APPLICATIONS : should be directed to Government Fleet Management Services: Private Bag X 0001
East London – 5208 or Hand delivery applications should be submitted at No 9
Cotton Road, Westbank office no 9 and
ENQUIRIES : Mrs P. Mbewu at Tel no: 043-731 2980/043 731 1249
CLOSING DATE : 12 July 2019
NOTE : Applications must be submitted on the Application for Employment Form ( Z83),
obtainable from any Public Service Department go to and should
be accompanied by a comprehensive CV including at least two contactable referees
and certified copies of educational qualifications, driver’s license ( where
applicable)and Identity Document ( with an original certification stamp). The Z83 form
must be signed by original signatures. Incomplete and unsigned applications will be
disqualified. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have foreign qualifications
evaluated by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The shortlisted
candidates will be subject to security vetting, reference checking, verification of
qualification and driving test. Failure to submit a comprehensive CV, academic
qualifications and the signed Z83 form will result in the disqualification of the
application from the process. None South African citizens must attach proof of
permanent residence in South Africa. Applicants are respectfully informed that if no
notification of appointment is received within 3 months of the closing date, they must
accept that their application was unsuccessful and that communication including
correspondence will only be entered into with short listed candidates. Applications
received after closing date will not be considered. No faxed/email and late
applications will be accepted.

SALARY : R257 508.00 – R303 339.00 per annum plus 37% in lieu of benefits (Level 7)
CENTRE : GFMS (East London)
REQUIREMENTS : Any National Diploma (NQF Level 6) with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a
client relations management environment of which 1 year must be in a fleet
management environment. A valid Code 8 driving licence is essential.
Competencies: Creative Thinking. Decision Making. Concern for Others. Citizen
Service Orientation Definition. Organisational Communication Effectiveness. Problem
Analysis. Self- Management. Team Membership. Technical Proficiency.
DUTIES : Provide administrative assistance with the development, maintenance and
implementation of the GFMS’s client relations management policies, instruments and
standards: Conduct on instruction basic research assignments in support of
processes to develop and maintain the GFMS’s client relations management policies,
instruments and standards. Assist with the collection and capturing of policy and
instrument monitoring and evaluation data needed for the identification of policy
“gaps”. Client satisfaction survey data into datasets for analysis during policy
development and maintenance initiatives. Implement a system to maintain the Sub
Unit’s inventory of policies and instruments. Administer processes to make the Sub
Unit’s policies and instruments accessible to client departments and stakeholders.
Provide administrative and general support with initiatives to develop and maintain
the GFMS’s corporate image: Conduct on instruction research assignments to assist
with processes to develop short and long term brand marketing strategies taking into
account strategic direction and objectives of the GFMS. Implement adopted brand
marketing strategies and promote the GFMS brand in order to improve understanding
of the brand by ensuring internal and external stakeholders know, understand and
can associate with the brand. Provide administrative support to initiatives aimed at
growing and monitoring brand awareness and brand confidence by assisting brand
surveys processes. Assist with the development distribution and impact assessment
of branding materials and publications. Liaise with role-players in client departments
to market the services of the GFMS and to resolve service delivery issues of a
general nature. Provide client relations management services: Implement the
GFMS’s Client Relations Management Policy Framework. Provide a client
department/user help desk and “service booking” capability. Provide a “one stop”
client department and stakeholder complaints logging and referral system. Populate
the GFMS’s stakeholder complaints/issues dashboard. Provide administrative
assistance with processes to administer Fleet Service Level Agreements with client
departments; Identify and assist with processes to resolve non-compliance with SLA
imperatives and standards. Provide assistance to maintain relevant client department
liaison forum(s).Maintain the GFMS’s client department SLA inventory. Interact with
functionaries in client departments to resolve general issues of non-compliance or
miss-use of fleet items identify by other. Prepare client fleet utilisation trend profiles
enabling supervisors to facilitate corrective action and value for money for client
departments. Provide administrative and general support with the implementation of
client department fleet management development and capacitation programmes:
Assist with processes to develop and implement the GFMS’s client department fleet
management knowledge management system. Collect and order data to analyse the
development needs and “gaps” of Transport Officers. Assist with the development of
targeted Fleet Officers Training Programmes and the presentation thereof. Assist
with the development of toolkits to support departmental Transport Officers in the
performance of their duties. Assist with processes to analyse reports and data sheets
to monitor, evaluate and report on the performance of the GFMS’s client
department’s capacity development programme. Provide general office
administration and projects support services: Facilitate processes for the requisition
of office consumables. Facilitate arrangements for travel and accommodation. Liaise
with clients in the absence of the Senior Legal Administration Officer. Maintain the
Sub Unit’s budget. Provide client liaison services. As a member of transversal project
teams provide project administrative support services
ENQUIRIES : can be directed to Mrs P. Mbewu at Tel no: 043 731 1249 / Mrs A Xabadiya at 043
731 2319

Image: Pixabay

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